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Standing out in the rain, shivering, wondering. The streets are dark, the road empty. My thoughts ring loud as I stand by the curb. The dim street lamp flickers, causing the shadows to dance in the distance. It's not long before the wind picks up, a gentle breeze, but enough for me to feel it at my fingertips.
I breathe deeply.
I hold my breath.
I wait.
Slowly I exhale as I stand soaked in the rain, in sorrow, in pain. Finally the car arrives.
I was not ready.
A warm voice tells me it's time.
I do not hesitate.
I get in.
I look the driver in the eye, knowing that this will be it. I nod before turning back to look at where I once stood. I watch it as we drive off. I linger in the reflection of the window. The shadows still dance, but they are silent now.
It's all silent now.
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Sir Ortwell of Bearington
Hello, my young cubs. I have quite the treat for you. I managed to find an old poem written about Sir Ortwell, the Bear Knight Champion of Bearington. Clear your minds and open your ears to a champion like no other.
Castle Bearington stood tall and wide,
Its inhabitants gathered filled with pride.
Their champion returned, they shouted in glee,
Welcoming Sir Ortwell, a knight as noble as he.
He thanked them greatly, for he was humbled,
His adventure was rough, he’d almost stumbled.
The thought of his people cheering him on,
Allowed him to use his mighty brawn.
A deplorable troll had stood in his way,
Keeping him trapped for most of a day.
Using his wit he set himself free,
Proving he was a cunning escapee.
Without hesitation he challenged the troll,
With a few mighty swings he achieved his goal.
The adversary defeated was out for the count,
Sir Ortwell made off on his trusty mount.
After all his adventures he made his way home,
Bringing reclaimed treasure stolen by a gnome.
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Pages from the Journal of Captain Mark
Page 84
I purchased some local entertainment for the crew last night. I figured a bunch of dudes on a ship for months could use some of that feminine charm. Turns out it was, in fact, a man; the beard somehow didn’t tip me off. I thought it was part of her bit and was pleasantly surprised to find out it didn’t bother the men much.
The party really got started when they held a drinking competition and the dancer out-drank most of the crew. Later I discovered they didn’t mind as much because the crew thought I swung that way. Apparently sleeping in a nightgown with a stuffed animal Unicorn sends a unique message. Regardless of that fact, we all had a great laugh and it seemed we understood one another better.
I love this crew; they are my family and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. The only strange part of the night was when I was trying to sleep. I kept feeling a warm, rum-scented breath, gently caressing my neck. I dared not turn around, but I knew this wo
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Adventures Of Captain Mark - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The year was 1671. Not much had happened since the last grand adventure of the Pirate Ship Petunia. Treasure was found, the ship destroyed, the crew lost. But, as I had said, we built anew. Captain Mark decided a more fitting name for the new ship was in order, one that would strike fear into the hearts of all who saw our flag. He named her the Pirate Ship Fluffykins. With our black masts and white kitten skull and crossbones insignia, we scoured the seven seas in search of grand adventures and buried treasures.
It wasn't long into our new year of sailing when we came across another group of cutthroat scalawags. The sailors of the Pirate Ship Hello Kitty were the nastiest, dirtiest, most ruthless bunch of pirates you'd ever meet. We were ordered to attack immediately. If we didn't strike first, they would be sure to kill us all. The Captain ordered me to lead the charge, which I did with great enthusiasm. First, to board the ship, I skillfully cut down at least twenty of the
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Adventures Of Captain Mark - Chapter 1
Chapter 1
The year was 16whatever, a time of great adventures and treasures. People coexisted with creatures of all kinds. Some were dangerous; others as harmless as house pets. There were a great many pirates sailing the seven seas; some famous by name, others famous by action. Amongst these scalawags was one who towered above them all. He was not only a great man but the greatest pirate the world had ever seen. Captain Mark was his name, a burly man who oozed manliness and awesomeness. He had the singing voice of an angel and wrote many a hit song. I, Jordan, was his first mate on the Pirate Ship Petunia. This was no ordinary ship; it was one of the largest in existence.  Striking fear in the hearts of all who had the misfortune to gaze upon her, this vibrant beast sailed majestically across the seas.
Our story beings the fateful day we obtained our largest haul. We were off to bury it, like all good pirates do when, suddenly, we heard a monstrous moan as the water began to chur
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Cold Night
Whispers through the hollow tree outside my bedroom window.
Lights of cars go by, casting shadows on my ceiling.
Cold as winter inside and out, I bundle up for warmth.
The night gasps for air, wind shrieking all around.
Close your eyes.
Sleep in peace.
Darkest skies.
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Hello. I am Love.
A blue sky on a winter's day. Bluer than the air is cold.
I sit and gaze at the sky as I sip my tea. Bundled up as cozy as my drink is warm.
My starry eyes daydream of sunlight and warmth, both inward and out.
The breeze greets me with a whisper in my ear. It says:
"Hello. I am love. I greet you in the morning and haunt you at night. Close your eyes, I'm all you'll see. Open them and I'm just out of reach."
I smile, but not out of happiness nor bliss. I smile as I am content. Content with what is for the time being.
My breath is deep, my cheeks bright as if they had been graced by soft lips. I close my eyes and take in the sounds around me.
I harmonize with the world around me. I whisper:
"I await tomorrow and all it has to give. Thank you for today and this moment."
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I recently completed a web show I've had in the works for a while and the first episode is online.

I hope you enjoy it. Hit that like button and spread the love <3


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